Thank You!

THANK YOU to everyone who helped me create the wonderful exhibition in Eugene! I want to share some gratitude with the people and that helped me make it happen:

*Lane Arts Council with the City of Eugene and Banner Bank for the Individual Artist Grant (2020-2021) and for all their work planning the First Friday Artwalk and Visual Arts Week!

*Chanin Santiago and the Windowfront Exhibitions Program, Chanin’s overall vision for the exhibition, planning and onsite support was so valuable! 

*Nicholas Bright Chase for his exhibition consultation and installation support, he once again helped me see the work in a new way and provided great feedback, plus moral support!

*Rick Rülf for providing photography and video documentation of the exhibition hanging (and jumping in to help me hang the banner!) plus doing additional video work of my public demonstrations and getting these amazing photos of the exhibit at night!

*Instaprint in Eugene for creating the stunning banner print, I was blown away by the quality.

To my co-exhibitors, with whom it was a privilege to share space, creative visioning time and conversation. I look forward to seeing the continued evolution of their projects!

*Kathleen Caprario “Patterns Of Privilege” 

*Uyen-thi Nguyen “Garden of People, A Portrait of Cottage Grove” 

Gratitude to all of the portrait sitters who took part on this project and exhibition:

*Jesse, Maree, Ramil and Zhade Beers 

*Ivan Cauldwell 

*Bear Diriwachter 

*Greg Kennedy and Nancy Reed 

*Mike Kraemer 

*Karen Moeller 

*Kristin Walker

And to everyone who viewed the exhibition and gave me feedback and encouragement - THANK YOU! I look forward to sharing more work in the future. Photo and video support by Rick Rülf of Space Cave Recording Arts

The Beers Family in Traditional Siuslaw Regalia

Jesse Beers is the Cultural Stewardship Manager for the Confederated Tribes of the Coos, Lower Upmqua and Siuslaw Indians and an enrolled Siuslaw Tribal Member. Jesse’s work incorporates arts, heritage, humanities, and culture.  When I contacted him about participating in this project, he credited his wife, Maree Beers, as being the artisan in the family.  Maree does bead weaving in the Siuslaw tradition, creating detailed regalia for the family and other tribal members.  He asked if we could create a family portrait at their home in Swisshome, and include their children Ramil and Zhade. Even though I’d not yet attempted a group of four in this medium, I was excited for the opportunity.  

Maree shared with me some of the techniques she used to make Ramil and Zhade’s regalia. “I used a mix of natural materials (leather, pine nuts, dentalium shells, and sinew) and glass beads to create the traditional beaded collar and pine nut apron Zhade is wearing. I also made my collar and Ramil’s belt using the same bead weaving techniques. Bead weaving is an old art that is still very popular today, and I’m grateful to do the work and pass on the knowledge to my kids and other members of the tribe.” 

I appreciate Jesse, Maree, Ramil and Zhade for their enthusiasm for this project, and for giving me the opportunity to work with their family and create a beautiful family portrait in the historic wet plate collodion tintype process. You can learn more about some of Jesse’s work with The Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua, & Siuslaw Indians here:

Video: Canoes 

Video: Integrating Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Restoration

Abundance StoryMap provided by the modern Tribal government of Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw to give voice to our stories and culture and enrich public school curriculum in Oregon

Karen Moeller of Good Company Puppets

Karen Moeller, multi-media artist and creator of Good Company Puppets, Deadwood Oregon, June 2021. 4x5, shot with a Burke & James vintage view camera and antique brass lens.

Karen Moeller is an artist who works in various mediums including paper mache, paints, ink and fabric. She makes both two and three dimensional art, and is known for her puppets and art cards of her original drawings. Karen has been vending at the Oregon Country Fair since its early years as a renaissance fair.

Karen on her front porch from a photo shoot we did back in 2015

“I was fascinated by marionettes as a child and began making hand puppets for family shows in sixth grade. My puppets these days are mostly made with recycled materials and a paper mache mix I developed over the years. It’s a three step process… paper mache, painting and costuming… providing opportunities to work with many different materials and art forms.”

Karen’s puppets on display at the Oregon Country Fair in 2015

“Oh I love this picture! Patch Adams has both the dragons, and I kept the dog… it’s a favorite. I think it’s challenging to catch the spirit of three dimensional art in a photo, especially puppets meant to be seen in motion, you have done this perfectly. I’ve been experiencing a creative slump since the last fair and the nostalgic feelings generated by this photo may be just what I need to start working again. Thank you Kate.” 

Karen Moeller, multi-media artist and creator of Good Company Puppets, Deadwood Oregon, June 2021. 4x5, shot with a Burke & James vintage view camera and antique brass lens.

Thank you Karen for participating in this project! Don’t forget to see Karen with Good Company Puppets next Oregon Country Fair at booth M59 on Wooten Way.

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